How to Cure Pinkeye Using Home Treatment

How to Cure Pinkeye Using Home Treatment

Pinkeye is a very contagious disease. Caused by bacteria, allergens or even viruses, the ailment can be very painful at times; especially for kids. When you notice the symptoms, ensure that you visit the doctor so that you can be given prescription medication. Nevertheless, there are several tips on how to cure pinkeye using natural remedies at home. Therefore, you can try the latter option before going to a doctor. It’s quite possible to reduce swelling and prevent drainage this way. First and foremost, ensure that you’ve removed contact lenses, in case you wear them, and replace with glasses until the symptoms disappear and overall situation improves.

There are two main therapies that you can try at home and they are: Warm compress and cold compress. You can use whichever you feel is more comfortable for you. When using cold compress, take a towel and dip it in cold water. After this, place the towel on top of the affected eye and repeat the procedure several times a day. With warm compress, on the other hand, take a piece of cotton or towel, immerse in warm water, rinse the water out and then place it on the eye. Repeat process several times. Basically, it’s advisable to use the cold compress therapy on how to cure pinkeye when the pinkeye problem you’re suffering from is caused by an allergy. In case the cause is an infection then the warm therapy will come in handy in soothing the swelling. Redness will also be reduced as a result. Exercise caution when using the warm compression remedy. This is because warm therapy can easily spread the infection to the other eye especially when the cotton used is not clean.

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Always ensure that you wipe the eyes from the inside. It’s vital for the wipes being used to be 100% clean. Use each only once. This is to avoid rubbing the drainage back. All wipes, tissues and cotton used must be disposed off immediately. Don’t leave them lying around as this can easily spread the disease to whoever comes into contact with them. Towels, on the other hand, must be washed as soon as possible. After using these remedies on how to cure pinkeye, use an effective disinfectant to wash your hands. This will prevent the viruses and bacteria from spreading. Stay at home until the ailment is cured. Don’t go to work or allow your kid to go to school when suffering from the disease. Take a 3 to 5-day rest. Infections caused by both bacteria and viruses will have typically improved after this duration. Nonetheless, this will only happen when the ailment is being treated.

In general, a visit to the doctor can really do you good even if you’re using these home remedies on how to cure pinkeye. Blurred vision, eye pain, light sensitivity, and frequent symptoms must not be ignored. Even though antibiotics may relieve the problem, don’t give them to your children before confirming with your doctor.