Pink Eye: Is It Contagious?

Is Pink Eye Contagious?

Yes pinkeye is very contagious. There are four types of pinkeye or conjunctivitis the two most common are those caused by viruses specifically the aDNA virus and bacteria. Most cases of conjunctivitis or pink eye will go away on their own, however it can take upwards of seven to ten days. So how do I prevent getting pinkeye? Well it’s pretty simple. AActually you want to avoid touching your face whether you are well or sick, specifically avoid touching the eyes, the nose, the mouth because these areas or mucous membranes are the spot where the virus and the bacteria like to be you know contained. You also want to wash your hands before you touch your face and certainly after you touch your face.

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The other two types of conjunctivitis are those caused by allergies or chemicals and they are not considered contagious and they are treated differently